Woolen coat how wool style popular?

October 19, 2020

In the cold winter, MM who do not like to wear thick down jacket it? However, wear a little thin felt cold, do not worry, woolen jacket style, not only warm and very stylish Oh, thin dress there, woolen jacket style, so you bid farewell to bloated winter.


Photo credit: Graceful Womenswear 2013 Fall Winter Collection

Wool jacket is the most popular winter MM style, warm and thin, this is the most important point, MM who no longer have to worry about, because wearing a down jacket and looked very bloated, pink woolen jacket, white hair Collar with a very cute dress. Sweet and lovely Fan exhaustive.

毛呢外套怎么搭 毛呢款式流行吗

Dull winter how to wear dark clothing it! Bright woolen jacket to wear, orange woolen jacket was very active Oh, double-breasted design is very classic, take the light collar topping shirt can not slightly scarf, not only take the warm, self-cultivation woolen jacket, was Thin ing.

one kind of special finishing.it can be do before or after dyeing. Different method color will be different.In order to make bulk excatly. It's best to make sample as l/d. color must be a little lighter than approved l/d because of sueding.Moreover pilling will be lower than without sueding, but fur will be better. Apprarance after wash will also not good as regular fabric.it can be divided into two kind of sueding, one is by carbon and the other is by normal machine.Fabric will be clear after sueding.

Sueded Fabric

Sueded Fabric,Sanded Fabric

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