How to wear girlfriends with a more stylish black down jacket style

October 16, 2020

Now is a girlfriend era, boyfriend first put it aside, girlfriends is the best partner, you are willing to put on girlfriends with your girlfriends wear girlfriends, go to the street, the big show girlfriend love it? Chu Weiwei women's winter to create "girlfriends era" is not the same style can also be used as girlfriends fitted to create the most different girlfriends dress up.


Photo credit: Chu Court International Fashion Co., Ltd. (Chu Weiwei)

What is the most eye-catching street, not you both wear the same clothes look good, but the style is not the same two pieces of clothing can make people think your girlfriend is very good, these two blue-blue costume style, small blue Suit style, full of professional elegance. The other is a navy blue dress, personalized black top stitching navy blue skirt, a very stylish dress, are blue, really like a spring like a summer, different styles of girlfriends.

闺蜜装怎么搭配更时尚 黑色羽绒服款式搭配

Black is the most wild style, is also the most suitable for wear in this season, how black style more dazzling it? This long section of black down jacket, big waist flower embellishment, very personality, butterfly sleeves design corresponds to the hem fold lace, black can be very bright Oh.

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