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October 10, 2020


How to quickly "push" customers into the fitting room?

Customers into the store, through my opening to share with you the "trilogy", and then how to quickly push the customer into the dressing room?


Please note that sales are rhythmic. Customers fancy a piece of clothing, or you take the initiative to introduce to customers, the rhythm is TA quickly into the fitting room, rather than introducing the product. Many shopping guide mistakes is, at this time continue to introduce the advantages of the product (or even the product on their own hands). The company is located in:

When the customer in the side of the goods coupled with pick the clothes, stay on a piece of clothing more than 1 second, or the customer asked to try on such cases:

The first step: quickly carry hangers;

The second step: push to the customer body sticking to his body, say sales words (such as "This is our new", "This section is for you");


The third step: wait until the customer picks up the clothes by hand, you should immediately let go, never take the clothes again;

The fourth step: pat the customer's shoulders with his left hand 2 households (old customers or export-oriented customers, you can hug the shoulder), right hand pointing to the dressing room, eyes from the customer's body to the fitting room direction, a foot to the test Clothing room direction Mai. The company is located in:

Avoid introducing wordy goods at this time. Remember: The goal at this point is to push the customer into the fitting room!

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