Autumn and winter coat stitching elements make big style at any time close to the body

October 14, 2020

Dressing in the cold winter with dress is indeed a big problem, it is necessary to keep warm and can not be "swollen", but also easily demonstrate the vitality of youth, it is non-short stitching coat no other. Through the chic splicing design easy and appealing sight, the unique splicing design highlight big Fan, children, while ensuring the warmth of both fashionable vogue.


(Source: VIKI women's 2013 autumn and winter new product)

In the autumn and winter of this year, women's neutral wind intensified. Men's colors such as black and gray also add to the women's fashion design. The two spliced ​​up and down, with a hooded coat hooded fur elements, looks very warm. To resist the cold just this one.

秋冬棉衣的拼接元素 让大牌风范随时傍身

(Source: VIKI women's 2013 autumn and winter new product)

Stitching the color of the pink line in the black, the two different attributes of the color mix, you can also achieve different results. Black calm, pink brisk and vibrant. Autumn and winter coat to the United States brought a unique choice. Adequate thermal performance enough for you to easily mix with other single product.


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