Winter breast good season make your chest UP a cup

October 12, 2020

do you know? But the best season in breast yo. You want to breast, quickly act it! The right winter breast food ingredients, with "migratory fat upgrade breast cup massage method", after the winter, you can make your chest UP a cup.


Figure: Jie Jie children underwear

Hoard fat proper way - winter to increase on how to eat?

The first step: get through the blood, keep the fat on the circumference

Beauty in the diet may wish to use more spices, pepper, pepper, cumin, garlic, winter with beef and mutton will be able to support the wide range of lipid supplement to promote circulation, so that the Wai can also be a balanced absorption of nutrients, At the same time also excited, stimulate the body cells and sweat glands, people can feel warm in the winter, reduce the head drowsy after eating in winter.

The second step: activate cells, designed for the United States chest

Healthy women, in the controllable range want to achieve the effect of breast enhancement through diet, you can choose to stimulate their own secretion of estrogen, activate the breast cells of the ingredients. For example, nuts, walnuts, almonds, sesame, peanuts, etc. are very healthy breast ingredients. In winter, but also eat more fruits and vegetables rich in VC, VC but to ensure that young breast elastic important nutrients.

冬季丰胸好时节  让你的胸部UP一罩杯

Figure: Jie Jie children underwear

Step Three: To have a beautiful chest, drink plenty of water

In addition, it is worth reminding that many women usually do not like to drink water, and in winter it is too lazy to drink. In the long run, not only is the body blood concentration aggravating the blood circulation, but it also causes the chest to "shrink" or even sag. So, if you want beautiful breasts, you have to drink more water.

Hoard fat proper way - migratory fat upgrade breast cup massage method

X cross refers to the law: the left chest press the right chest, right chest press the left chest at the same time, because the chest around the points should not force too large, at the same time cross the law to balance the power, not uneven pressure on both sides and excessive force. By stimulating the house acupoints cave chest chest hole Ying window these points, to activate the chest, especially on the sagging chest more effective. More than four points, are located above the chest muscles, each press for 3-5 seconds, each point 20 times each.

冬季丰胸好时节  让你的胸部UP一罩杯

Figure: Jie Jie children underwear

Fat fish push method: with two parts of the fishbone (the thickest part of the palm of the hand) around the chest to do push law to the chest as the center, from both sides inward, from the waist up one-way push, each action at least on each side 20, should not be more than 50, pushing the force to moderate. Use this method, with diet and acupressure, after the winter, your chest can UP a cup.

In addition, the crush you want to have the effect of tall and straight, you can choose to gather the effect of underwear.熳 Jie children adjust gathered underwear, to help you create a proud posture.

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