What color winter women's bright colors to bid farewell to the dull winter

October 15, 2020

We are always eye-catching by bright colors. Not their own visual choice, but bright indeed eye-catching. The past winter, the streets scattered with mostly black people as the main tune. And now we are 8090, this is the age of beauty, personality era, may wish to choose bright colors embellished winter.


This jujube down jacket generous skin, the overall design exquisite unique, suitable for all skin types, girls. The most unique to be a heart-shaped Puff collar, and slightly pleated design adds a little sweet. Belt decoration and self-cultivation of the waist highlights the charming waist, feminine. How to match this down jacket? Simple black leggings high heel boots wild thin, this winter is no longer bloated.

冬装女款什么颜色好看 亮色系告别冬季的沉闷

This orange-red woolen shirt gives a pleasant feeling. The overall shape tailored specifically to oriental women's physical characteristics of the design. The most unique design is the sleeve, bold fashion, full of tide flavor. Inside with a black or white shirt, the following with black trousers or khaki slacks, to create the charm of your choice.

The picture comes from: classic story ladies

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