Short paragraph woolen style short wool suitable for what age stage wearing

October 14, 2020

Many people think that the short wool itself did not have the courage to wear out, think it was older people to wear, so to see like the style is not confident to wear, not short wool style suitable for older people to wear, but Wool is more popular, whether long or long woolen jacket, there is a corresponding style for your age.


Picture credit: Yi Meng to Women's 2013 autumn and winter series

Short stitching woolen jacket, two color splicing, so that woolen becomes very dynamic, red and yellow, with two dazzling colors, the lower body can be free to wear black pants or dresses, black pantyhose With, are very stylish, bright color stitching woolen jacket, suitable for professional women, mainly women aged 25-40.

短款毛呢款式 短款毛呢适合什么年龄阶段穿着

Short woolen jacket can also be a ladylike dress, suitable for dating, shopping, see customers, will make people very spiritual, very stylish dress, short white coat with a plaid jacket check, short paragraph cultivating woolen jacket Not only can be modified body, with more attractive dress.


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