Women's Brands Daquan COCCI The pursuit of the perfect choice for modern women

October 12, 2019

"Cozy . Iraq COCCI" originated from the European design concept, the pursuit of women's perfection, romance, harmony, intellectual; located in the postmodern classic concept of casual casual women , suitable for 25 to 35 years old, elegant and intellectual White-collar female culture, the pursuit of simple and stylish design style, unique inspiration, color, lines deducing high-grade "cute. Iraq COCCI" Women.


女装品牌大全 COCCI追求完美的现代女性之首选

女装品牌大全 COCCI追求完美的现代女性之首选

"Lovely. COCCI" clothing series, elegant and elegant style, in the simple style of the European occupation casual style, based on accurate grasp of the international fashion trends, the integration of Western culture and fashion, at the same time convey a profound philosophy of the East, Unique and profound interpretation of Eastern aesthetics Cleverly applied fashion elements, focusing on structural changes, smooth lines, reasonable representation, its simple and smooth lines and comfortable and considerate feeling, fully embodies the urban women's pursuit of high-quality brand Concept, "can posture. Iraq COCCI" apparel series emphasizes relaxation, pay attention to nature, the pursuit of self; fabric applications, in the customer's health and environmental considerations, mainly natural fiber blended fabrics, comfortable and natural. Smart and handsome, innovative and changeable style reflects a strong urban dynamic; bright colors to convey the message of youth and personality; soft lines sketched casual Yiyi; and comfortable fabrics, fine workmanship is expressed on the modern women's thoughtful And care, fully demonstrated the unique charm of urban women, vibrant unique charm. Is the pursuit of the perfect choice for modern women.

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