Iraq's beauty underwear Shenzhen Tongtou underwear franchise stores (1020 stores) grand opening

October 12, 2019

July 18, 2012, the brand underwear, " Iraq's beauty, " Shenzhen market layout reproduction acceleration, from May 1, 2012 Iraq's US brand underwear Yuen Fengyun flagship store grand opening, to July 18, is located in Shenzhen Tong head Iraq's beauty underwear Boutiques (1020 outlets) New stores opened and opened several terminal stores in succession, laying a solid foundation for the layout of Iraq's US brands.


Iraq's underwear uniform underwear to join the brand image, a unified store style, to create underwear brands in line with the characteristics of Chinese women, won the majority of women's pro-Lai. Opening of new stores To thank the support of old and new customers, the audience buy a gift two opening offers , consumers are welcome to visit the shop purchase.


Business product line: bra, body underwear, underwear, warmth, home six series. A wide range of products, quality service has laid the Iraqi beauty in the underwear chain industry leader!

Iraq's beauty underwear chain with strong price advantage, quality advantage, service advantage, brand advantage and professional sales model, profit model to create a modern underwear brand joining system to Shenzhen, Guangdong as a starting point, the sales network has been radiation development to all regions of the country, the current The company joined the lingerie store has covered more than 20 provinces.


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