Jewelry jewelry sings

October 26, 2019

With the advent of the Wedding Expo, the enthusiasm of the Chengdu wedding industry was rekindled. This season, what kind of prevailing wind will it be? When the entire industry's high-end, personality, and customization become mainstream, new people are no longer satisfied with stereotyped jewelry. Under the guidance of a professional designer, choose your own diamonds, choose your own mosaic style, and design your own lettering on the ring. Everything is up to us. This new form of high-end jewelry customization has been welcomed by many young people nowadays.

“Now is an era of individuality. We can make our jewelry more beautiful.” Chen Lan, the manager of Gaolan Diamonds, said that jewelry can be chosen as a good shop, and the price is generally 3% cheaper than the mall. Ten or more. After the newcomer has decided on a good style, he can usually arrive within 10 days to half a month. Chen ** said that according to each person's face, shape and type of love, jewelry customization can vary from person to person. For example, square-faced girls are suitable for wearing earrings that are longer than the horizontal curved design, which helps increase the length of the face and ease the angle of the face; long-faced girls can wear earrings that are shaped like a circle or a square fan. , Can increase the width of the face, reduce the length of the face; and the girl with a round egg face should choose such as rectangular whip, drop-shaped and other types of earrings and pendants, can stretch the face lines. At present, tailor-made jewelry is very popular in the world. After the newcomers have customized wedding dresses and dresses, custom wedding rings have become a new trend.

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