Pre-Olympics Hot Products Review and Recommendations

October 25, 2019

The Olympics period is not only a heaven for sports enthusiasts, but also a big opportunity for manufacturers and suppliers. The orders for the pre-Olympics in London have basically all been confirmed and completed at the moment. Now let Xiaobian and everyone review the hot products made by China during the Olympic Games.

According to statistics, among the Olympic products in London, there are 5 types of towel bedding, 19 types of cups, 11 types of toy cars, 190 types of pins, 23 types of clothing, 4 types of plush doll mascots, and a total of 18 types of badges, wristbands and wristbands. Made in China. In the souvenirs of the London Olympic Games, Chinese-made products reached 65%. Among these souvenirs, "Made in China" covers seven categories, from towels, bed linens, accessories to key rings and clothes.

It is not difficult to find that the industries to which these products belong are clothing accessories, handicrafts, toys and gift boxes.

Here are a few industries, Xiaobian recommend some products for everyone, just for your reference and choice:

1, outdoor sportswear (QA8237)

China Manufacturing Network Gold Supplier Wuxi City Qian Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.

Outdoor Sportswear (QA8237)

product description

Not only suitable for outdoor travel, but also for daily wear, both good rain resistance, but also a good warmth, suitable for travel, hiking, adventure and many other areas.

Type: Outerwear

Applicable Gender: Neutral

Features: Waterproof

2, badge

China Manufacturing Network Gold Supplier Shida Co., Ltd.

product description

Accept customized products

The main products: light accumulate badges, silver onion badges, medals, badges, badges, tie clips, cufflinks, key rings, lock rings, tokens, commemorative coins, token lock rings, printed badges, medals.

Process: Stamping

material: metal

Features: Can be used with a variety of accessories

3, stylish sports keychain, silicone key ring

China Manufacturing Network Gold Supplier Dongguan Jinyuanxiang Plastic Hardware Electronics Co., Ltd.

Stylish sports keychain, silicone key ring
product description

Stylish sports keychain, silicone key ring

Forming Logo Logo can be multi-coloured convex molding, laser engraving, undercut oil, or surface silk screen, etc., all international standard colors can be produced;

Performance Trendy straps, colorful colors, fashionable style, good three-dimensional feeling, is the best accessories for fashion bags! Can be customized according to customer requirements.

All materials are made of environmentally-friendly imported silicone raw materials, which are soft and wear-resistant, have good ductility, chemical stability, 100% heat and cold resistance, and can maintain their physical and chemical properties at -40 C-+200 C. ;

Quality Our company operates strictly according to the ISO9001:2008 standard. Our materials are ROHS, REACH, LFGB, FDA standard certifications of SGS; each product undergoes 5 times 100% inspection before shipping.

4, Hello kitty cat

China Manufacturing Network Gold Supplier Shenfu Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Hello kitty cat

product description

1. Product diversification, emphasizing practicality. 2. Design specialization to meet consumer needs. 3. The price is reasonable and meets the needs of customers. 4. Strict quality control reduces product defect rate. 5. Delivery is clear and prompt. 6. Willing to provide samples, pictures for reference.

Style: seated animal

Shape: Cat

5, backpack

China Manufacturing Network Gold Supplier Yu Jie Industrial Co., Ltd.


product description

Model:TT-0402 Material:168DPU+PULYPU Size:cm:33.02CM*16.51CM*47.625CM TT-0403 Material: Ancient Nanon +210DFP Fabric Size cm:33.02CM*19.05CM*50.165CM Country of Origin: Taiwan, mainland

Gender: Unisex

Applicable people: adult backpack

Type: Student Backpack

Material: 168DPU+PULYPU

Main Features :
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