MOA Mo&Co. Women's Clothing Fall 2012 Fashion Express: Minimal Active

October 07, 2019

MO&Co.De Paris is known for its neutral winds in Europe and America. I think the biggest reason for their success is to keep up with the latest fashion trends in the current high street fashion. Every time I look at the new LookBook, it's all common to us. Street shooting in the shape of the advantages of single product. In this season's design, one of the popular points is the integration of sports style, creating a concept of avant-garde design. Many sports elements are directly into the spring fashion theme, comfortable, practical, and sharp lines, fabrics and colors. Not limited to one or two, there is a combination of deconstruction and advanced customization. Fashion is no longer static and confined, everything moves, but it still pays tribute to minimalism!

Minimal Active
Go active! Following the upsurge of the Olympic Games in London, the streets and lanes are full of unprecedented positive energy and regain vitality. In the fall, baseball jackets, loose jumpers, drawstring trousers, and so on, all become influxes. The sought-after single product creates a new scene of minimalism and movement. MO&Co. also created a passion for sports fashion - yes, a look at simple items, can be combined with a fresh combination of clever combinations, whether high-heeled shoes or jogging pants, all can be "run" together, mix out The most fashionable sports gesture!

Different shades of black and white gray tone, the simple and dynamic interpretation of sharp and neat.

Stripe tank vest / small collar vest / Drawstring shorts / flower gray sports Casual Pants

Metallic decorative leather bracelet / bright orange handbag / fashion sneaker

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