Endless Art Life--OFIMAN Women's Autumn 2012 New Collection

October 07, 2019

O Feiman has been through 13 years. With a team of designers who lead the fashion pulse, they have established stable channels for the procurement of raw materials in Europe, South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong, which will increase the quality and fashion of Ofeiman. The market has been developing rapidly in recent years. Ofeiman currently has more than 100 direct sales and franchised stores. We will continue adhering to the core values ​​of “integrity,” “pragmatic,” “innovation,” and “enterprising” to keep up with the times, continue to meet and create customer needs, and continue to maintain the good sales and brand reputation that we have had since the creation of the brand.

OFIMAN Women's Autumn 2012 New Collection

OFIMAN Women's Autumn 2012 New Collection

Brand concept "Endless Art Life."
Art is a kind of connotation, fashion is an attitude, and life is an experience.
OFIMAN upholds the balance between fashion, art, and life. It integrates artistic connotation into the fashion of clothing, integrates it into the good experience of life, and uses the connotation of art to go through the fashion of the four seasons.
Art comes from life, life is art, she is everywhere, OFIMAN insists on experiencing endless artistic life with you.

Brand Style
OFIMAN pursues a concise and smooth design concept, focusing on the richness and variety of collocation, and highlighting the value of clothes with exquisite details.
OFIMAN's "Intellectual," "Smart," "Strong" style is filled with artistic connotations and spiritual resonance.
Intellectual, self-confidence, and non-advocacy do not follow suit.
Smart, full of wisdom and interest in life.
Strong, ambiguous and calm, flexible and sturdy, static in motion, moving in silence.

Brand Positioning
OFIMAN is suitable for high-conservation and modern women with 30-40 years old artistic temperament to meet their dress requirements on different occasions, and tries their best to create the endless artistic life of Chinese modern middle-class women.

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