How to wash sweaters?

October 18, 2019

Sweaters are best for dry cleaning. If you have a hand wash mark, you can use up to 40 ° C warm water and special detergent. Turn the inner layer of the garment out, put it into a fully dissolved detergent and immerse it for five minutes. Slowly squeeze the clothes until it is soaked. Use warm water first, then wash with cold water and rinse off.

Before washing the sweater, fold the easy-to-clip cuffs and garments inward, buckle the clothes, and turn the sweaters out from the inside to clean. When washing machine, put the sweater into the laundry bag and put it into the washing machine.
When washing, add some vinegar to warm water to prevent the clothes from becoming worn out.
Sweaters should be avoided by dehydrator as much as possible, and should be used for 30 seconds to one minute if necessary. The washed clothes can be covered with a dry towel, rolled up together, and the excess moisture of the sweater is dried by a towel. When drying, it is advisable to put the clothes flat to 80% dry, then wrap the sleeves in a net bag, and hang them on the bamboo poles to dry. Avoid exposure to strong sunlight, as this will destroy the molecular structure of the hair. When the sweater is stretched and deformed, the iron can be sprayed to restore the original shape.
Cardigan washing and care
1. For sweaters, we prefer dry cleaning or hand washing. When washing in hand, the water temperature should not exceed 30 °C. It is recommended not to use washing powder. You can choose special detergent for woolen sweater, warm water, and dirty sweater. Add the amount of dirt to the situation as appropriate, soak it in a light place, then soak it and then gently lick it. Repeat this several times, then rinse with water and dehydrate for 1-2 minutes. If machine washing is used, it must be carried out according to the washing process of the sweater on the washing machine, and the water temperature should be controlled within 30 °C;
2. The newly bought sweater should be washed once before being put on formal use, because some oil stains, paraffin, dust and other sputum will be stained during the production process of the sweater, and the new sweater will have anti-mite. Odor of the agent;
3. If you have the conditions, you can dry the dehydrated sweater in an environment of 80 °C. If it is dry at room temperature, it is best not to use a hanger. Instead, use a clothes pole to hang or flatten the sleeves, and put them in a cool and ventilated place. ;
4, when the sweater is dry to 90%, steamed and shaped, then aired until fully dry to wear and collect;
5, often use the clothes brush to remove the dust on the sweater, so as not to affect the appearance of the sweater;
6. If you wear the same sweater for two or three consecutive days, remember to replace it, which will restore the natural elasticity of the wool fabric.
7, woolen sweater should be placed in a cool and breathable place after wearing, must use hangers when saving;
8. A simple way to remove wrinkles, such as ironing the cloth on a damp cloth or ironing it with a steam iron;
9. If your sweater is soaked, dry it as soon as possible, but never use a heat source to dry directly, such as an open flame, a heater or direct exposure to strong sunlight.

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