The new image of the sixth generation brand of Michell brand breaks the container industry of the children's clothing industry

October 16, 2019

At the beginning of July 2012, Spring International Co., Ltd. is another extraordinary month. While successfully completing the 2012 trade fair, the company launched a new image of the sixth generation of MIZHEEL Michelangelo brand new style of expression Elegant container structure, the perfect combination of containers, that is, into the elegant British temperament, but also into the simple stylish atmosphere of Japan and South Korea, breaking the children's clothing industry has always been the container mode of expression. MIZHEEL Michelangelo brand new image of the shape highlights the terminal store performance and visual impact, but more importantly, to demonstrate the mizheel Michelangels fashion style and gorgeous sense of the essence of the product to play the most incisive. During the ordering session, Michelangelo Marketing conducted a survey on existing customers on the launch of the new image and got the favorable comments from agents and franchisees. Ren Qingzhong said: The launch of the new image of Michelangelo MIZHEEL. Invisible increased the customer awareness of Mickey children and raised a level, but also to promote the installation of Mickey children in the market increased competition highlights, not only the structure more reasonable than the past, highlighting, more importantly, reduce production costs , In the true sense: simple but not simple! At the same time, the introduction of a new image more prompting the terminal's expressive performance has been doubled, that is suitable for monopoly, but also for the mall, according to their own terminal positioning effective Adjustment of changes, flexible and strong performance. In addition, the new generation of container images are ultimately to set off the product, this point, MIZHEEL new image of expression is very strong, the product set off to the extreme, the overall combination of strong consumer appeal and viewing Sex, can effectively increase the terminal store business performance and performance, which we think and will soon see. "MIZHEEL Michelle children's fashion pioneer, has always advocated the" time "of the concept, set the moment the most popular elements, colors, fabrics, style trends, style and so on a set in the modern market competition has opened up a great The Idea and Direction of "Time".

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