Thunderbirds waken women in the heart of the beautiful dreams

October 01, 2019

Intellectual, elegant, delicate atmosphere, has spread from the four seasons. . . . . . . Thunderbird Women beautiful dream wake woman deep inside pursue independence, fashion, perfect quality of life, has been a constant intellectual fashion and urban women, sexy elegance and harmony. Creative line segmentation and elegant local processing, bold color collision and unique fabric mix, interpretation of the sensual, romantic, refined and unique personality, from the neoclassical romantic release of low-key luxury. Elegant and natural show, continue to weave a woman's dream.


雷鸟女装 唤醒女性内心深处的美丽梦想

雷鸟女装 唤醒女性内心深处的美丽梦想

"RADARBIRD" Thunderbird's target customers are intellectual women aged 25-35. They love life, pursue themselves and feel the world with their hearts. They always get surprises from the inspiration of poetry and artists, constantly awaken the beautiful dreams deep inside. The perfect balance of elegance and inner calm makes them glow with unique temperament.
Price: Spring and summer main price: 398-998 autumn and winter main price: 498-2998 yuan

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