Yagemeidai Joker style to create a beautiful woman formula

July 25, 2019

Ya Gemei Dai product positioning in the low-cost mass consumer groups, the flagship product for the fashion ladies. Consumer groups full coverage (white-collar beauty, high school students, young girls) and other women aged 18-45 years of age. Hundreds of combinations, thousands of colors and everything. Can make high, medium and low variety of consumers can find satisfactory products. Therefore, whether it is to open a large flagship store in a big city, to open a boutique outlet store in a medium-sized city, or to open a counter in a shopping mall, shop in a store, or to open a special discount store in a small city or even a township market, Ya Gemei Dai can guarantee every day selling. Due to the seasonal fashion products , especially by the popular impact. However, Ya Gemeidai joint tens of thousands of well-known brand manufacturers in a timely manner for the cooperation of the latest popular new, 2000-3000 quarterly supply market to ensure that every day a new stock, so that each store can take one step ahead, Guide the trend. So that every day a new franchise stores, Japan and Japan can be the first to peer, firmly to attract customers spending, let you enjoy the joy of success!

Yagemeidai  百搭风格打造女人美丽方程式

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