ROSECHOICE brand women's interpretation of a lifetime of sexy temptation

July 19, 2019

Show the beauty of the flow of women's self-personality, interpretation of life sexy temptation. This is from Italy ROSECHOICE brand tireless pursuit. ROSECHOICE has the European romantic and elegance, but also combines the simplicity and freshness of Asia, revealing elegant elegance; design styles continue to absorb new elements of the international trend, simple and fresh, elegant and elegant, showing the modern urban women independent, elegant, noble, luxurious Attitude to life.


Lifestyle: urban life style in the city they are urban women, mental age 30 - 45 years old, chic and unobtrusive, personality and not the other, always just right to exudes its own unique fashion with ideas, at random, revealed Exquisite. They focus on their work, career and social values, while stressing the quality of life. They like to live a stable life. But do not like life bland, like romance and mood, leisure time they like shopping, friends meet, meet travel, drink coffee, in the rich material world enjoy the unique life.

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