Ngo Women lead a new era of fashion new life

July 16, 2019

Ngonina is a women's brand that works with Spanish designers.
In the 1970s, in the Ngonina Bar across the Spanish town of Ngonina, the dim light and art-patterned walls filled with rich wine in the air, dresses decorated with colorful floral prints and thick sweaters And a hat, exotic printing scarves, huge bag, the charm of modern fashion deeply attracted the eye of abayomi, the whole body art cells are awakened one by one, inspired sparks impact abayomi's brain.


After abayomi often passing by the bar will go in unconsciously, sitting on the bar where she had sat, abayomi's eyes kept looking, looking for the modern girl to sublimate his soul, can faintly feel her Body temperature, it seems the air is also mixed with her smell, the kind of modern dress that makes your brain like a slide to authentic Spanish fashion net.
Time and again to Ngonina bar, looking again and again, disappointed again and again, this frustration pushed abayomi to the cusp of emotion, he wants to cry; he wants to vent; put her thoughts and her modern atmosphere Deep memory is interpreted with the concept of art, so that women all over the world become her, and use the name of the bar "Ngonina" to commemorate the encounter ...

Professional casual fashion brand! Adhere to the simple but not simple design line, insist on the quality of the details from the highlight, adhere to the new urban fashion to create a new fashion! Nearly picky selection of materials and fashion-like system of manufacturing process, Ngonina combines traditional materials and modern advanced technology, that is, the inheritance of the casual dress of the rough, free to rate, exquisite quality details, but also deduce our new era Girls pursuit of high quality fashion life! Highlight the independent, free, choose from me, do not drift the new era of fashion new life!
Casual fashion, pay attention to quality, care about the details, exquisite workmanship, rough without losing the meaning of exquisite Spanish style! Has comparable to the international big-name first-class quality, but there is a real consumer confidence in line with the consumer brand!

We do not rely on low-cost customers to attract the eye and win cooperation opportunities,we do
not sacrifice the quality of products to give you a low price as a competitive advantage.we adhere to
product innovation, great quality, environmental protection, service first,profit-chain products,
target products for customers to create more value!

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