Wear women's clothing Po, appreciate the mystery of youthful elegant shape

July 20, 2019

"Fashion, gorgeous, elegant, soft" is the unique taste of clothing clothing! Clothing is characterized by the unique temperament and charm of women, suitable for the taste of the temperament of women wearing the appeal of the age group more extensive, 28-year-old 45-year-old pursuit of elegant fashion successful women as the target. Relentless years in the female body shape changes left irresistible traces of "Yi Bao" through a unique line design, Tibetan hodgepodge, reproduce youth elegant body! As long as you get dressed, you can experience the mystery.


Yi Po uphold the tradition of Taiwan's senior women 's wear , has always been consistently noble, gorgeous, elegant and generous design style! Exquisite workmanship, cater to the unique aesthetic taste of mature ladies in high society. Every quarter of the product will bring the pursuit of elegant intellectual Mature latest fashion elements, and strive to create a more young, more stylish, more sophisticated taste of the charm of women. Clothing company to sell more than just clothing, but a brand, a culture, a beauty and dignity; and customers get a respect, satisfaction, and a beautiful event like to enjoy!


Yibao brand in adhering to the noble, gorgeous, elegant and elegant design tactics soft and unique oriental exquisite and delicate. Selection of high-end, Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States fabrics, style fashion, details of diverse, sophisticated craftsmanship and excellent quality combined with the subtleties of female elegant Zhuo extraordinary temperament. Excellent quality, high price, spring and summer 300 yuan -1380 yuan, 400 yuan autumn and winter loaded -1980 yuan.

We have over 10 years experience in creating Wooden fairy doors, Fairy resin doors, in a range of styles and sizes. Over the years we have developed our fashion style, and have doors for the skirting board, shelf, garden, or anywhere else a fairy might like to hide. Each door is cut on site, by machine, then painted and finished by our worker. We also sell unfinished fairy door and Fairy Door kit for customer DIY request.

Fairy door and Elf Fairy Door usually sell as a gift for children. All of our painting and door material are eco-friendly, they are all safety for playing. Customer always order Fairy Door Accessories (such as Fairy Door Ladder Accessories, fairy door ladder, mail box, hardware and so on), then pack with the fairy door together. Any special customized package design is acceptable, even help you to know well of your brand.

Fairy Door

Fairy Door,Wooden Fairy Door,Fairy Resin Door,Elf Fairy Door

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