Miaya fashion lady perfect summer travel Look

July 20, 2019

May 1 is finally coming in our expectation. At this time, it is also a good time for an official sunny trip without having to wear heavy clothes. As long as we are lightly armed, we can easily have a perfect 51. Honey Thea fashion Shu women perfect summer travel Look, Dress up your whole journey!


A sweater with a little woman feeling splicing dress! Printed on the upper body with a beautiful flower shawl-style lotus leaf collar, set off a fresh and natural breath, stretching from the front to the shoulders of the wave design not only can be modified shoulder lines and can let Dress to add a sense of elegant, simple tie the belt, you can enhance the degree of fashion coupled with rattan hat, is the perfect summer travel Look.


Round neck design, along the collar is a lotus leaf ribbon lace inlaid, romantic and sweet chiffon, simple but there is a sense of detail, relaxed version, do not have to worry about wearing off, the body does not have too many restrictions , Style is not critical body, cuffs and hem elastic contraction of the perfect echo, seven sleeves are very good to cover your arm is not perfect, very princess!


Deliberately asymmetrical design, often more eye-catching, to break the silence of pure color, knit sleeveless vest splicing chiffon fly like a cape, the world declared unparalleled beauty, wild cut, you can work with self-cultivation Of the skirts, but also with the candy color Korean version of the high waist short trousers, how to wear have Fan children.

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