Warmly celebrate the national top ten designer brand BRJ Zhejiang Xianju shop opened

July 01, 2020

National Top Ten designer brand BRJ Zhejiang Xianju grand opening! BRJ invites you to enjoy romantic spring! Store Address: No. 111, Yong'an Street, Xianju County, Zhejiang Province. BRJ was born in a time of personality flaunt, outlines every woman's heart about beauty's dream.


Founded by Xiao Hong RED XIAO women's brand BRJ, originated in 1998. RED XIAO this constantly looking for the true meaning of the fashion designer was studying in South Korea, in 2011, she brought BRJ to China. BRJ's clothing is full of thick vintage flavor, but also continue to pursue the popular elements of the moment. Embroidery, lace, hot drilling, fur, bowknot, folds and other materials into different colors of natural dazzling colors, sometimes sexy simple, elegant and sometimes elegant to give people the illusion, romance, innovation and classical inspiration. BRJ brand clothing is full of modern urban sense, can well modify the wearer's body and enhance their temperament, make its life in the distribution of amazing charm.


In 2003, BRJ opened up the city map with brand advantages. Over the past 10 years in major cities throughout the country's high-level shopping malls to set up image counters. In 2008, the theme of 09 spring and summer series of "Spring of the Bustling City" presented the Beijing Fashion Week with a fantastic color to awaken the purity, beauty and femininity of the fairy tale. In 2009, BRJ to the concept of environmental protection, "met with pineapple" once again set off the Beijing Fashion Week. With the Shangri-La pineapple encounter, after the world after the return to simple realm of the world, the achievements of the 2010 BRJ spring and summer series of works.


BRJ has always been recognized by the meticulous spirit of fashion. She is good at showing the beauty of oriental women's suppleness, but also shows the strong character of modern women, because they have the desire to pursue exquisite, romantic and natural way of life, so they chose BRJ ......

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