Summer beauty shoes big PK goddess and female man who understand better

July 31, 2020

Ben Wang August 20th, the hot summer in a heavy rain poured out a little enthusiasm, the smell of early autumn passed through the coolness of the cold, in this section of the bone, the battle between the goddess and the woman was just beginning!Goddess There is a goddess, and the man has wild wildness of the man. Before the summer heat, after the fall, who's foot slightly better? Xiao Bian prepared for you a wonderful PK shoes.

Round1: How to play with color stitching

Where can the goddess be able to attract her eyes, elegant long hair, graceful appearance, slender legs, and so on? When she looks closely, she will find that it seems that they will always die with a pair of high-heeled high heels! This pair of shallow sneakers on the shoes online has become the new darling of the goddesses: when the popular mosaic sequins are brought together, they can't do the same. The mosaic of blue uppers and silver sequins wrapped to the heel perfectly reflects the graceful and intellectual charm. The high-heeled design adds enchanting sexy charm to this elegance, along with the effect of lengthening the foot lines on the tip of the shoe!

If the goddess is full of love for high-heeled women, then the female heroes of the power-exiting gas world prefer the flat bottom, and they feel that the grounding gas is more interesting than raising the fairy air. The shoes that can win women's favors must have a certain atmosphere. Light gray and red and blue stitching make the usual British style with lively colors, which inadvertently brings out the quietness of autumn. The thick rubber outsole imitates the shape of the riding boots. If you wear a bib-style trousers, the woman hero's sultry heroic style is simply a horse-riding strategy, sharing the world's prosperity!

Round2: Roman retro touch

There has always been in the invincible hot body and entertainment entertainment "family goddess" Liu Yan, the foot conquer high heels countless! She likes this sandal with a simple and neat T-type strap with a convenient metal buckle, while firmly lock the instep while let Petite and delicate feet bring a hint of mystery. The elegant and graceful fish mouth, with a regularly arranged Austrian hot diamond on the T-shaped belt adds a feminine touch to the retro, creating a strong Roman atmosphere.

Want to play retro style is not? Do not think that the thick line of female immersed in the bold world all day do not understand fashion! This leather sandals can be described as high-end atmosphere, the atmosphere of the heel and the woman's rough character Consensually, both feet in the first layer of leather soft and comfortable under the package with the popular fish mouth small dew sexy is also infinite, followed by the use of elastic treatment to wear off is very convenient. Who said that the female man's neutral can not come to point a little sexy, great wisdom, if you do not understand the epee without front?

Round3: A flatter elevation

Imagine that Goddess didn’t have high heels, what would their world be like? Without love, people wouldn’t die. Goddess just didn’t have high heels, and of course she couldn’t even die! Yujie’s playful bow in this single shoe would also have to turn around Finger-soft, patent leather bright mosaic stitched with youthful colors, while adding an infinite sweet atmosphere. The increased height of the small caution machine can still set off the original height of the goddess, and the tendon bottom is soft and comfortable to walk. Although the altitude is flat, but the natural love is no reduction, everyone can only sigh heaven, the goddess is still the goddess!

The body is the cost of the revolution! Lin Daiyu's beauty does look good, but weak Liu Fufeng has been OUT for a long time, and the female man is very convenient for running and traveling. The green shoes of this sports shoe instantly make people brighten their eyes. The single-layer mesh surface of the vamp with laser-piercing breathable leather allows the feet to breathe freely. The sweaty odor is a cloud. The soles made of natural rubber are designed into multi-dimensional patterns, which are non-slip shock absorption and wear resistance. These are the conclusions of the female man: The other people laugh at me too much, I laugh at others can not wear!

Looking at the three rounds, the goddess and the female man are of different styles and each has its own characteristics! The so-called radish greens have their own love, you have your hate high, I have my flat shoes, why do you have to surrender? Isn't the world more exciting because of the different styles of girls? The Goddess and the woman love someone who...

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