Congratulate Tuogu Ladies' three stores to be grandly opened in September

July 30, 2020

September is not only the children's start school season, but also a happy event after another, Guangzhou, Foshan Valley Extension Women's three stores opened in mid-September, namely: Xiaoyi shop in Shanxi Province opened on September 12, Henan Xinyang shop, September 20 The official opening of the day, Fujian Shishi shop opened on September 3, the three stores are located in the heart of all regions, but also believe that the business will be booming, have three stores in September opened, the National Day in October there are three other stores will be grand opening , Every month is a good day, Shenzhen Xixiang shop, Lishui, Foshan, Shaanxi Baoji store three stores scheduled to open in October, invites the new and old customers come to visit the guide, Guangzhou, Foshan Valley Valley clothing all staff dedicated waiting Your presence.

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Extension: forge ahead; Valley: never-ending. TUOGU Extension Valley has been adhering to a belief: one hundred only one thing to do - to create the most fashionable and personalized clothing brand . Ten years of grinding sword, the wind cast brilliant. Tuguogu TUOGU constant pursuit of innovation, a group of young and energetic designers enjoy the magic of Tuogu TUOGU magic language design language, a forward-looking visionary leadership team passionate and determined to make progress, together to promote the Valley Valley TUOGU unique product style .


Extension Valley brand design style located in the 16-38-year-old pursuit of young, confident young people who have the innovative spirit, dare to pursue alternative, uninhibited unique lifestyle! Pay attention to lifestyle, the pursuit of fashion trends, fashion and life have their own unique understanding of the people around have contagious!


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