How to determine the level of each element of jadeite value?

July 29, 2020

As the saying goes, "There is a hard time to find a beautiful jade," Jade has attracted countless people who love jade, but ordinary consumers are afraid to buy their favorite jade products because of lack of knowledge of jade. Some bad businessmen It is also because of the price of jadeite, which has caused the jade market to be mixed and mixed. However, we believe that jade is not only valuable, but her value is still valid.

Species (4 levels in total)

The species refers to the texture of jadeite, and is also the most basic description of a jadeite product. In the market, the old species, new species, glass species, ice species, egg whites, bean seeds, oil greens, blue Flowers, blue water, clear water, etc. are customary business names, but because these business names do not have a clear definition of standards, they cannot be used as our grading standards.

In fact, the size of the crystal particles of jadeite and the relationship between these particles are the main reasons for determining the commercial varieties of jadeite, and the following grading standards have been developed:

Level division standard

The first-order structure is fine and compact, and there are no mineral particles and composite primary cracks under the magnifying glass of 10 times. The particle size is less than 0.1mm.

Class 2 structure is dense, 10 times magnifying glass sees mineral particles and few small composite primary cracks, particle size is 0.1~1mm

The 3-level structure is not dense enough. Under the magnifying glass of 10 times, the mineral particles and the local fine composite primary cracks are seen. The particle size is 1~3mm.

The 4th grade structure is loose, the particle size is very large, and the particle size is above 3mm.

Water (5 levels in total)

"Water" is an important factor in the evaluation of jadeite. It is commonly known as "water head" in the industry. The high transparency is the water head. This kind of jade is crystal clear and translucent, giving people a feeling of water, and the poor transparency of the jade is dry and dull. With a dry feeling, it is the head difference and the water is insufficient. The transparency of jade can be roughly divided into transparent, transparent, translucent, micro-transparent and opaque. The more transparent the jade, the higher its value:

Level transparency, sunny penetration, common commercial varieties

Level 1 transparent 10mm or more pure colorless old glass

Level 2 is more transparent 6~10mm small amount of old glass grade special grade

Grade 3 translucent 3~6mm old glass, ice special grade

Grade 4 micro-transparent 1~3mm color thick, coarse grain, new and old species

Level 5 opaque sunlight does not enter color, base, new species

Bottom (total 4 levels)

The bottom refers to the degree of jade floc (also known as cotton), dark spots, and other stains. Because jadeite is a collection of various minerals, its structure is mostly fibrous and granular, and the degree of impurities is also Will inevitably affect the value of jade.

Level division standard

1 grade 10 times magnifying glass does not see any splitting, grayish black silk, occasionally individual white cotton, small black spots in the inconspicuous place

2 grade 10 times magnifying glass, no cracks, see a small amount of fine white cotton, black spots, gray black silk

Grade 3 has no cleft palate, a small amount of cleft palate under a magnifying glass of 10 times, a small amount of white cotton, black spots and a small amount of ice residue visible to the naked eye.

4th grade, see a small amount of cleft palate and more white cotton, black spots, gray silk and ice residue

Color (6 levels)

The common colors of jade are green, white, red, purple, yellow, etc. Among them, green is the best variety. If a jade has both green and red and violet, it is also a very rare jade. .

For green jade (such as the ring face), there are traditionally "rich", "positive", "yang", "and". The so-called "concentrate" means green is full and heavy; "positive" means green is pure and contains no variegated color; "positive" means green is bright and bright; "and" means green is even and soft.

The color of the jadeite is illuminated under the illumination of a continuous light source with a color temperature of 5000K:

Level of purity, uniformity, degree of darkness

Level 1 pure green, emerald, emerald green, etc. are extremely uniform and not thick, not faint and bright

Level 2 is green, apple green, yellow scorpion green, etc. There are thick bands on the whole, and the plaques and spots are not thick, not bright and bright.

Level 3 positive green, apple green, yellow scorpion green, etc. The overall unevenness is not bright and bright.

Level 4 slightly blue-green (including bright yellow and violet in yellow and green) is not thick, not light and bright

Level 5 blue green is not thick, not light and bright

Grade 6 gray-blue (including yellowish green, light red, light violet) evenly and elegantly bright

Workers (4 levels in total)

In this grading standard, “work” refers to the shape, workmanship, and weight of a jadeite product. It should be pointed out that due to differences in the designer, craftsmanship, cultural connotation, production age, and volume of jadeite products. Each piece has its own characteristics, and detailed grading is impossible. Some websites are so divided:

Level shape work weight

Level 1 is suitable, full of generous masters, and skillful

Level 2 is suitable, full and natural, smooth and unique.

The 3rd grade is suitable, full and generous, and it is smooth and smooth.

Level 4 is suitable for production and generally requires no

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