Small suit with a super cute neutral LOOK

January 18, 2021

Ben Wang, May 7 hearing, suits long ago is not an exclusive product for men, suit elements in the interpretation of a woman who can immediately wear a super sexy LOOK. This season, a single product with a neutral LOOK has set off another wave in the fashion industry. Suits of various styles and colors have been put on the shelves to attract the attention of a large number of young women. The influx of people who walked in the forefront of the trend gave us the best demonstration. Let's analyze their suits and wear them together!


The hemp suit jacket with shoulder pads is a simple and elegant style, with a particularly neat feeling, a single button opening and closing, a loose-fitting version, sleeves rolled over, and simple T-shirts and gradient shorts to create a casual feel.


Cool vertical striped linen jacket, vertical stripe pattern decoration has a thin effect, with a casual T-shirt and hole denim shorts, to create a OL-like capable shape.


Can be interpreted a variety of feelings of linen jackets, summer wear both fresh and sunscreen, loose version type, fine striped color, with metal color shorts and T-shirt, very casual and highlight the temperament.


Simple black T-shirt and white high-waist shorts, outside the style of the high-end linen jacket, the details of the design of the edge of tassel lines, to create a simple OL shape.


Concise basic suit, sleeves rolled side, exposing the color part, with T-shirts and holes in slim trousers, will show the most intrinsic charm. (Cooperative Media: Shoe-like pictures of Annie shoes)

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