Playing jade is learning: some suggestions for novices playing old jade

January 07, 2021

We must blindly believe in the so-called masters and experts. As far as my understanding of the current expert group is concerned, the basics are all out of the market, the imitations are less, and the actual combat level is not high.

Don't die when you come up. First, there are not many jade articles in the books like those in the books. Secondly, the angles of shooting and light in the books are different, and there will be differences between them and the real thing. Most of the time, I will go astray. The quickest way to learn is to get a lot of old jade. In this period, reading is still based on the understanding of the type of the book. After a little bit of experience, I will go back to the book, so that the digestion is faster and the focus is more accurate.

Jade is not the oldest, the higher the value, the higher the value, the higher the value, and basically follow the law of value of ordinary things.

Jade is not as rough as it must be, nor is it not old. There is no necessary connection between the two. It is often good to see old people in the new.

Learning ancient jade knowledge is a science. When you are really getting started, you can get in touch with "art". So basically, the people of science and engineering play faster and get started. The people who study art will go a bit more tortuous.

In fact, most of the ancient jade is still based on the eye, that is, it does not belong to the chemical category or the physical category. Basically, it belongs to the comparative subject, that is, the standard science we are talking about, and the recognition of the artifacts are constantly being compared. Summarized. So the more you get started, the faster you learn.

Don't want to miss things every day, the leaks are reserved for those who are prepared. When the leak is something that the owner and other buyers can't understand, your eyesight is good, you dare to recognize, you are accurate, and you can accept this risk yourself. A leak is something that requires a certain ability to play. When you start playing, it's good to be able to buy the right things at the normal price.

To learn jade, you must learn to return to zero. Don't bring the character of real life work to the antiques. Admit that you are a student and need to learn, so that people are willing to teach you.

Don't be afraid to buy the wrong things, you are afraid to buy the wrong, don't admit it, and lie to yourself. Wrong once and remember once. Every fake is your mentor and friend. There are not many types of imitations. Don't let go of the imitations. If you buy them, make sure that you can't kill them in the future. The counter-evidence method is also a way of learning. The opportunity to get started is often the first thing you buy. When something is going on.

Light reading is not a real battle. In the end, it is sure that the road is broken. Actual combat is the only standard for testing.

You must learn to play with any kind of antiques. The jade is also the same. The antiques of other categories are also a good reference for the jade. Therefore, you should read some other books, sculptures, costumes, furniture, paintings, bronzes, etc. There is a large amount of decorative information, which is an excellent reference for the ancient jade.

To play with ancient jade, you must have independent thinking and discernment ability. You must be obedient, but you should listen to the words, distinguish between the truth and the falsehood, and grasp the balance in your own opinions and listening to others' opinions.

The time to "take medicine" (buy the wrong thing) is not just the time of learning. This stage is often light, and the medicines are also small doses. When you really take a big medicine, it is basically just a period of time after getting started. When your confidence is overwhelming.

The old and new of the ancient jade is actually difficult to describe in words and words, and the words and deeds can only be said to be a fur. Even people with good eyesight can hardly tell you why this thing is new and old through words. Most people who can learn rely on their own savvy, and it is better to have a little person to dial a little.

There are mountains outside the mountains, people outside the people, even if they learn, there is nothing worth to show off. We can only temporarily possess some jade for a while, and we cannot possess it forever. Learning antiques, not harvesting a lot of beautiful artifacts, harvesting the cognitive ability and appreciation of antiquities. Low-key and modest is the character of a mature antique.

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