Influx of people's shoes cabinet must-have items - stylish canvas shoes take

January 18, 2021

Ben Wang, May 7 hearing, the most popular countries in canvas shoes should be the United States, it seems that the Americans always use the "free nature" for the purpose, so canvas shoes can be used for them to match the perfect single product People in the eastern part of the United States love the converse, while the westerners are keen on vans. However, they are willing to pay for cheap casual wear canvas shoes.

In fact, when it comes to China, canvas shoes have a long history in China. From the liberation of rubber shoes to wear back to the 60s to 80 after the inevitable white shoes, canvas shoes are light, durable, affordable and widely welcomed, whether it is travel or exercise, will be the best Choose one.

Canvas shoes were born in 1917 during the First World War. The battle led to economic recession, leather made riding boots, saddles and sashes, wool and woolen munitions, and there were only cheap canvases and rubber on the market. Because people just needed to reorganize them into long-wearing and lightweight canvas shoes. . It is said that how to make canvas and rubber perfect adhesion, the inventor tried all kinds of methods without losing the system, angrily put the canvas and rubber to the water in the furnace does not do, this can not think of giving up to let rubber "sulfur "After the canvas was glued together, I did not expect this coupling to allow the canvas shoes to walk for a century.

The first pair of canvas shoes is called Converse AllStar. It is wear-resistant and durable, and even thrown into the washing machine is completely ok. After launch, it is highly sought after. By 2008, the world has exceeded 600 million pairs. More than ever, it set a record for the best sales volume in the world's most varied footwear.

In fact, when it comes to canvas shoes to say which one is a must-have, you really can not say: Hey, you have to buy a pair of girls! That a pass to kill. So this series will give you an overview of canvas shoes that you can choose.


1 white net shoes

Still not out of date shoes, cheap and easy to wear and very retro, there are the properties of the first two years the most fire white shoes: easy to match. For the pro who will be with, white net shoes is simply invincible, all kinds of clothing can greatly match ~


2 Wei Wei

As the most classic and popular shoe collection series of CONVERSE, Chuck Taylor AllStar, the most popular fashion shoe in the world, will be produced every year, but its popularity will be seen in the enduring models. CONVERSE's various street shooting styles are not the same, even the suits are matched, and the collocation does not need to tell the story...

Keds 帆布鞋

3 Taylor's canvas shoes

TaylorSwift and Keds co-branded canvas shoes cleverly blend in with their own preferences. Taylor is a model of neatness, so the style of this pair of canvas shoes is also concise and wild, but as a rural style hobby Taylor gave them rich colors, and every pair of shoes had a sunny mood. This pair of cakes are also long straw shoes.


4 lazy shoes

Lazy shoes from the name "a pedal", wear more convenient and comfortable. The most famous brand should be vans~. Compared to other canvas shoes, lazy shoes are worthy of the big T stage, and they are attached to a snakeskin pocket element, which is loved by fashionistas.

This year's popular style is print leopard, camouflage and even horsehair style. Lazy shoes are characterized by a softer and more comfortable sole than ordinary canvas shoes, and are comfortable and comfortable for everyday wear. (Cooperative Media: Shoe-like pictures Ant City casual shoes)

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