Printed style perfect presentation of elegant girl - Jun flavor sweet and pleasant atmosphere

January 20, 2021

Women always have the impression of printing, whether it is a small range of rendering or large rendering, printing occupies a pivotal position in the fashion industry. This summer, the print back with fresh attitude to people's perspective, in the presentation of the print style, " elegant girl - Jun" brand women have their own unique insights.

Elegant dress is very popular in the season, but this year, whether it is floral or geometric style of printing are all used to more feminine fashion design.

印花风格完美呈现 翩翩女孩-隽造甜美可人气息

Even the complex pattern, this year is also the pursuit of fresh line color. Season, even in the dress skirt can also join the bohemian elements, in the rich sense of hierarchy at the same time also looks more diverse.

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