Wearing a red agate ring, there are taboos! !

September 23, 2021

In recent years, a red storm has started in China, and everyone’s enthusiasm for South Red Agate continues to rise. From a global perspective, the rich color of South Red Agate is not available in any other natural mineral gem. The South Red Agate has a long history and a profound cultural temperament. Various forms of South Red agate jewelry are also emerging.

The South Red Agate Ring is now a popular fashion accessory, which is smooth and full, and luxurious and low-key is widely loved by everyone. So what do you need to pay attention to if you wear a South Red Ring?


First, wearing time

The South Red Agate ring is simple and convenient to wear, and there are many people wearing it, but most people only pay attention to his beauty, but they ignore the most important thing, that is, the person itself. There are many details that are bad for health when wearing a ring every day. Many people are used to wearing a ring and will not take off. This will have a negative impact on the body for a long time, sometimes causing some harm, especially at night with a sleep. It is a very harmful behavior that may cause inflammation of the skin.

Second, pay attention to health

If you always wear a ring, the part that wears the ring is not easy to clean, and it will become a breeding ground for bacteria. Scientific research has found that the number of bacteria wearing the ring is 9 times higher than that of the part without the ring, so the hand wearing the ring should be Wash frequently to reduce bacterial damage.


Third, pay attention to the scale

The ring should not be worn too tightly, otherwise it will affect the blood circulation of the finger, which may cause finger deformity.

In summary, Dainan red agate ring should try to avoid wearing all day, develop the habit of early wearing and picking, let the skin rest; and wash your hands frequently, especially the parts wearing the ring should be cleaned; Wear it too tightly to ensure smooth blood circulation to your fingers. Also pay attention to the occasion to avoid collision or damage.


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