Unstoppable! Miya Star children's clothing brand then sign Yanbian store in Jilin

September 27, 2021

The birth of each shop is a brand strength of the best forensics and presentation. Flowing fire in July, surprises continue! Now Miya Star children's clothing brand Yanji Yanbian Zhou signed a contract, the smooth signing of this will mark the development of the Maya Star Jilin Yanbian market will open a new chapter! Thank Miya family's trust and affirmation, Miya Star Children's wear brand must go all out to open markets all over the country, for the majority of children's fashion to contribute. The market is limited, why Miaxing children's wear all the way like a mighty, signing, opening a steady stream. These need to thank Miya Star children's clothing family recognition and support. Now Miaxing children's clothing is mainly provincial agency, regional agency, city agency, multi-store, single store to join, self and other forms of market development, up to now the country stores, more than 300 counters. Now, there are many dealers continue to call and leave a message to consult Miya Star children's clothing, if interested friends can also call Miya Star children's clothing or message, brand companies will be the first time with you Corresponding contact, negotiate to join relevant matters. In the next 2-3 years, the Company will focus on the integration of industry resources, optimize the product mix and improve the overall competitiveness of the stores. The Company will launch a new model of "Mamamia Children's Fashion Hall of Life" to realize a brand new business model of one-stop shopping. Join to such a brand enterprise, will let you share 0 opening. 2015 Are you willing to hand in hand with Miya Star?

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