Flower Story Dundu DUNNU Women's 2015 Fall Fashion Apparel Print Trends

September 30, 2021

Flowers are the main printing trend this winter. Beautiful roses, tulips and various floral prints appeared on the Paris Fashion Week. Mainly with light colors, or a combination of white and a bright color, or use a black background and a large number of dark colors to create a more modern image. Through the visual transformation and the enrichment of the imagination, it reproduces the infinite scenery of garden-style scenes and interprets the charm of “Autumn Festival” in a unique perspective. This week, I'm recommending a mix of floral print themes from Xiao Bian. Are you about this autumn?

â–² Tops: DF3-32106-10 Skirts: DF3-22501-39

The combination of exquisite lace and digital printing fabrics is sexy and charming. It is a bright and simple cuff, which reflects the unique charm of fashion. With a black high-waist skirt, the pleated perfect pleat design, super drape, hidden waist was thin, no matter how elegant and small fresh can have.

â–² Tops: DF3-62102-10 Dresses: DF3-52906-11

Lace is a dignified lady with 10,000 styles. This dress embodies refined lace patterns, enhances the overall quality, simple and elegant round neck design, revealing the beautiful clavicle of the neck. With a tunic jacket with a tulip print, it's feminine and graceful. No matter if it's a holiday or a party, it's beautiful!

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