Ten underwear brand poems Man Fen to win the market with product strength

September 23, 2021

Underwear market prospects, become the current good choice to make money. Top Ten underwear brand joined poetry Man Fen in accordance with the female body structure, to create the most perfect brand, access to women's praise, the future market prospects bright. Poem Manfun underwear fashion elegant, healthy and comfortable, in the principle of comfort and durability, won praise.

Perhaps, you will hesitate, will be confused, do not know to do underwear business is not the right choice. So with Xiaobian take a look at the market analysis! Underwear every year in China can produce hundreds of millions of dollars in profits. According to the relevant data survey shows that at present, China's underwear industry sales less than 300 billion, far from being able to meet the needs of the market, so in the next few years, underwear industry development space profit is huge.


China's underwear development has just begun, so now joined underwear brand agents, is the choice of making money. Since 1993, underwear as a deductive urban fashion carrier can not be received. Underwear is the growing category in the apparel market. Underwear consumers are predominantly urban women, accounting for about 66% of the total, mostly aged 15-44. Among them, the size of the market for women's lingerie is 6-7 times that of men's underwear and bra products account for more than half of the market for women's lingerie.

Top Ten underwear brand poetry Man Fen continuous innovation, integration of classic fashion, is committed to creating the most suitable for the growth stage of the domestic women's underwear, and continue to meet the fashion women's pursuit of beauty. Shi Manfin plant fiber underwear bra, leading the fashion, creating a new pattern of China's underwear market! Schmeifen underwear adhering to the "health, comfort, personality, fashion" business philosophy, advocating "close to nature, from the inside" attitude to life .

Pay attention to the integration of personality and fashion, top ten underwear brand poetry Man Fen continuous innovation, especially poetry Man fen plant fiber underwear, since the introduction of the market, consumers berserk, the future market immeasurable. The product is healthy and comfortable, combined with the characteristics of Chinese women themselves, starting from the health, comfort, personality, fashion elements, to create stylish products. If you are interested in the project, may wish to come here Shimanfin underwear entity to visit it, maybe you have unexpected gains Oh!

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