UGIZ women's clothing designed for the pursuit of freedom and fashion design of young people

January 28, 2020

UGIG personalized personality of the South Korean leisure brand, with a unique fashion aesthetics, avant-garde performance, interpretation of the modern youth are not bound by the free personality, winter UGIZ British plaid fashion, uniform details, national characteristics and Xuanliang color, so that the city UGIZ women and men enjoy a unique style.


South Korea headquarters THE HUE COMPANY, the company has UGIZ, CRUX, US ** THEM, BONNIE ALEX, D-PULSE and other brands. The total number of shops in South Korea reached 600, UG.IZ launched in South Korea in February 2001, the current number of stores in South Korea reached 160. China currently has 180 stores in major cities in the country have counters, performance The performance is very good, in the next two years, the number of stores across the country will grow to 300.

U.G.I.Z女装 专为追求自由与时尚的年轻人设计

Main style (CONCEPT):
- full of passion, vitality, the pursuit of new things, to explore new discoveries
- Street Vintage Casual designed for the pursuit of freedom and fashion design of young people
- Mainly casual sexy, emphasizing vitality and sexy, the pursuit of healthy and confident style

U.G.I.Z女装 专为追求自由与时尚的年轻人设计

UGIZ specially invited actress Li Haner as the brand ambassador, mainly leisure, emphasize vitality and sexy, healthy and confident style, designed for the pursuit of personality, freedom, full of passion and fashion of young people, fully demonstrated vitality, the pursuit of new students Things, explore the newly discovered young generation!

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