Autumn and winter tribal wind shoes set off a wave of freedom

January 16, 2020

On November 13th this week, a row of reinforced jungles, beautifully painted makeup, and courteous you come and go, the rules of survival of the city have bound us for a long time! Now, keep up with us and throw away the coats, Throw away a 10-inch high heel to a hearty urban play and find your spiritual home! In the season, MINNETONKA, the No.1 moccasin brand in the United States, has created a wave of freedom for you, and has launched a new concept of “owning my own territory!” Through the original fur and totem, the beauty of wildness is revealed, and the desire and freedom of urban bloggers are released. Pull you from a superior modern life to a fresh and pleasant wilderness, enjoy the joy of playfulness and regain your innocence.

Tassel Totem national "uprising"

Some people love retro modern, some people are obsessed with the complexity of gorgeous, but as the personality of decisive urban beauty is more eager to prepare wild totem. MINNETONKA launched a new series of winter female models, and will be rich in national sense of preparation totem and sexy tassel into the winter shoes, bring a unique comfortable experience.

Macaroo Boots

Long boots design, with rich fur highlights from the wild freedom, with fringed embellishment, more comfortable and agile in walking.

Sheepskin Boots Boots

Classic boots style, fur snow boots. Lacings are designed with straps, tassels and rivets, and are the best choices for handsome bloggers.

Classic streaming Supag

The interpretation of the classic snow boots, especially the slightest fringe, is decorated with flower bud rivets, making the monotonous style more individualistic with these careful thoughts.

Special Boots

Classic fringed booties are filled with Indian-inspired atmosphere. From the embellishment of the boot opening to the embellishment of the rivets, from the cortical straps underneath the uppers to the double-layered tassels that hang down behind the boots, all show a relaxed and pleasing appearance, and the wear is lighter.

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