Aini Song underwear from inside and outside the distribution of sweet temperament

January 27, 2020

Aini Song underwear insisted on the aesthetic taste-led, with a low-key luxury, simple fashion, European and American style as the design concept, in the design and technology strive to perfect, breaking all the constraints and obstacles, thus highlighting the texture and comfort.


Pieces of red and black stitching natural generous, flounced on the bottom of the pants and lace shoulder lace embellishment more prominent lively and lovely style.

艾妮歌内衣 由内及外散发清甜气质

The general rendering always gives a very strong visual effect, giving the feeling of being close to nature.

Love yourself from the choice of underwear, know yourself from Aini Song. Aini Song adhering to the modern women's own faith in underwear ---- stylish, comfortable, strong yet gentle, to give women intimate thoughtful care. With the most sensitive visual and innovative spirit, ease between traditional culture and international fashion. Committed to creating an oriental philosophical contemporary art of living, showing the wearer's inner accomplishments and unique aesthetic, intellectual and longing for spiritual freedom, independence and love of life.

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