AIMISUO Amy Suo women's boutique to create every detail

January 24, 2020

From popular to classic, a brand to mature course, as if a woman experiences the storm, has the most profound beauty. AIMISUO Amyiso , with women's unique critical and delicate look of each piece of work, for the love of life, fashion-loving women brought a simple, elegant, free, but not assertive comfortable dress feel, but also focus on fashion Sensuous women to wear for a variety of occasions to choose from. Combining French Romantic Haute Couture with the finest qualities of the French Haute Couture, Aminise creates every detail of her clothing, interprets her fashion with refinement and perfection, and fully embodies modern urban women Self-confident, calm qualities, echoes women's spiritual dreams.


Advantages of joining :
1, a number of industry-renowned industry experts to provide celebrity design, store sales technology, promotion of local shops and other support.
2, strong brand effect and comprehensive three-dimensional media network advertising support;
3, CS marketing strategy to help franchisees to improve the performance of the terminal company's firm position;
4, a unique marketing concept and strategic support, a huge market space;
5, follow-up, one-on-one communication, nanny-style store sales follow-up;
6, advanced management experience, systematic guidance and training.

AIMISUO艾米索精品女装  精心打造每一处细节

Join conditions:
1, a brand apparel business experience and a certain amount of financial strength, love fashion.
2, a brand awareness, to identify and cooperate with the company's operating mode.
3, the operating site in the local downtown lots, shopping malls or department stores.
4, shopping malls area of ​​more than 30 square meters, street shop area of ​​40 square meters or more.
5, can personally participate in shop management, hiring professional shopping guide, with the company's implementation of the terminal shop coach technology.

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