The price of the low-end Hetian jade fell to 10%-15%

July 15, 2021

Since the beginning of this year, the price of Hetian jade has been affected. The price of the middle and low end Hetian jade has dropped between 10% and 15%, and the high-end Hetian jade is still flat. Experts in the industry said that with the improvement of the awareness of playing jade people, the newcomers who just started a few years ago have been able to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of Hetian jade, and the poor quality and Hetian jade are not cut, and in the past five years, Hetian jade The output has increased greatly, and the price has almost doubled every year. The inflation is too fast and the market is difficult to digest.

At present, the price of the middle and low-end Hetian jade has dropped by 10% to 15%, which is a good time for ordinary jade lovers to buy jade. Although the price of Hetian jade has generally declined in recent years, this may be short-lived. This winter and spring is a good time to play with jade people. Regarding the judgment of the future market trend, Hetian jade industry insiders expressed optimism in various industrial chains. According to Hetian, who is in the upstream of raw materials, from the perspective of resources, the production ratio of Hetian jade fine seed material is low, and the price will not fall easily.

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