Green crystal function

July 15, 2021

Green crystal, first of all a mineral, is a mineral crystal variety; the crystal has a light green, natural luster; the color is very green, unnatural is artificially treated. Well-developed mineral crystal specimens are far more academic, ornamental, and collectible than jewelry and pendants. The green light in the green crystal (green ghost crystal) is the light of the modern economic artery. If you want to expand your business and attract more wealth, you need green crystal. The green light in the green ghost crystal has the power to condense wealth. Green crystal can strengthen the function of the immune system, making people natural and peaceful, and the career of the business is booming. There are mainly functions such as developing wisdom, improving intuition, and being popular, calm, and promoting interpersonal relationships.

The Vision Crystal itself has a special energy magnetic field that gathers away from the murder. Because the interior of the Vision Crystal contains minerals or volcanic plaster, it is a quintal material that has been subjected to high temperature and high tens of millions of years, so in comparison, The energy of the vision crystal can be quite strong.

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