Bright colors bold embroidered New Zealand winter trend new series

July 11, 2021

The design of stitching styles is still popular this season. Are you always chasing after the beauty? Bright colors give you enough sense of presence, and patchwork stitching often brings you even more unexpected surprises. Whether it is pastoral style, sporty style, or ladylike flavor, everything is connected with the color blocks and immediately ushered in the trend. Hurry up in the dazzling mosaic of colors, highlight the hidden personality, boldly declare your fashion attitude!

Style display:

鲜亮色彩大胆绣出来 纽方冬日潮流新款系列(图1)

New York shows:

Color matching woolen coats, fake leather collar stitching, holding a high sense of luxury. Asymmetrical color matching and tailoring to achieve visual slimming effect, so that you will be perfectly on the street throughout the winter.

鲜亮色彩大胆绣出来 纽方冬日潮流新款系列(图2)

Contrast double-breasted soft-fleece color coat, similar to the military coat to make you handsome yet feminine, strong color contrast and leather stitching, asymmetric segmentation and cutting, forming a strong visual impact.

鲜亮色彩大胆绣出来 纽方冬日潮流新款系列(图3)

Concise silhouette, high-profile color and asymmetric collar design and mirror leather stitching innovative design become the latest popular fashion. The stitching of its leather sleeves also allows the coat to be worn out of the vest.

鲜亮色彩大胆绣出来 纽方冬日潮流新款系列(图4)

Modern mirrored leather and cashmere design, stylish and modern cut and cropped, vivid three-dimensional lotus leaf, combines avant-garde and elegance, adding a high point for dull winter days.

鲜亮色彩大胆绣出来 纽方冬日潮流新款系列(图5)

Lady's Pants

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