Cocktail dress New Year party wearing skirts

July 14, 2021

Young women always attend various types of receptions. Cocktail reception, are all modern fashion personality girl. As a new era of beauty of women, of course, Yan Qunfang, become the focus of millions of people. The following for everyone to introduce two dresses, simple temperament, fashion charm. Piana girl , is so attractive.


Dazzling red, natural eye-catching. Rose skin by age, elegant and charming. High-quality fabric, soft temperament, outline the charming curve. Unique package hip design, fold the skirt, mopping the design, filling the charm. With a pair of high heels, it is definitely the focus of it.

酒会礼服裙  过年聚会穿的裙子

Dressed in black dress, mysterious atmosphere, was thin and stylish. High waist design, waist version of the shape of the skirt profile, filling the aura. An arrogant goddess Fan charm Ya Yun. With black high heels, attractive red lips, so you debut in the crowd.

Picture from: Pinafore Girl Women

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Rose Embroidery

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