Stores love Ningbo, Zhejiang shop shop successfully signed a new store is under renovation

April 17, 2021

Warmly congratulate the store brand women successfully signed a new shop in Ningbo, Zhejiang, decoration is underway, so stay tuned! I wish the new store opened, the business is booming, wide source of money!


Each bit running in the trend of the wave of fashion who want to show their own fashion personality, but by no means drift. Store love fully demonstrated today's feminine personality, freedom, pleasure, the pursuit of fashion, passionate youthful vigor.

储恋女装浙江宁波店成功签约 新店正在装修中

With the change from early autumn to late autumn, is your wardrobe ready for seasonal clothing? To store love to choose a dress, pick a small jacket ... ... new store opening, more great waiting for you Oh!