Glass tempering furnace precautions and characteristics

April 29, 2021

[China Glass Net] Note on the tempering of shaped glass in tempering furnace:

In the production process of the glass tempering furnace, the tempering parameters of the original glass are usually set by the engineers of the glass tempering furnace manufacturer. When the tempered glass is required to be tempered, the tempering parameters of the glass must be set according to the following criteria:

1. Glass with holes and grooves: 2.5%-5% when tempered than when heating with the same standard glass

2, glass with sharp corners: glass less than 30 ° angle in the tempering furnace heating time than the usual glass cut 2.5% -5% top, and placed waste glass to prevent the corners absorb heat too fast to form tortuous.

3. Embossed glass: When the glass is placed, it is usually not facing upwards. In order to prevent the heating from being too long to form ripples, the plane is sometimes placed downwards. The heating time is determined according to the thickest local glass, and the blowing pressure is also the same.

4, endothermic glass: heating time is usually reduced by 5% than normal glass

5, coated glass, heat-reflecting glass: to protect the film surface, the coating surface should be upwards, the bottom temperature and heating time are 2.5%-10% than the normal glass of the same thickness and can not use S02 gas.

6, glazed glass: first in the glass tempering furnace must be boring before tempering, the upper and lower temperatures are usually set to 680 ° C ~ 740 ° C, the glass may appear tortuous, conditioning wind pressure to deal with. The heating equilibrium pressure can be reduced by about 50%. The S02 gas cannot be used, and the heating time has a certain relationship with the glaze color.

Features of the glass tempering furnace heating furnace:

1. Unique glass ceramic roller conveyor synchronous device: Although the orthogonal belt drive reduces the impact of the transmission process on the ceramic roller, the angle of the single-stage transmission is 180 degrees, plus manufacturing and title="installation. The influence of "target="_blank">installation error, etc., cannot fully guarantee the synchronization of the roller conveyor. Since the ceramic roller rolls are not synchronized, when the glass moves back and forth in the furnace, relative sliding between the glass and the roller table occurs, causing fine scratches on the lower surface of the glass; and when the plurality of glasses are heated, positional displacement occurs. Or collision; in order to solve this problem, we adopted the roller composite drive synchronization technology, that is, the orthogonal circular transmission belt and the interconnected circular transmission belt. In this way, the angle of the belt on each ceramic roller reaches 540 degrees (and is driven by triple drive). Even if the problem of individual belt breakage occurs, the quality accident will not occur, and the synchronization and reliability of the transmission will be completely solved. All roller conveyors are synchronized to greatly improve heating quality and yield. The glass has no slip on the roller table, the ceramic roller bearing must not have the problem of running the inner ring, and can reduce 1 white fog; 2 accurate positioning, stable forward and reverse steering, effectively reducing the friction of the lower surface of the glass and the roller table The resulting comet-like scratches. 3 extend the life of the ceramic roller;

2. Roller transport mechanism: With the title="equipment" target="_blank"> equipment is equipped with a special ceramic roller conveyor mechanism. With this mechanism, people can complete the work of disassembling the ceramic roller without entering the furnace. It is also convenient, and the maintenance time of the furnace is saved by more than half.

3, first-class insulation technology: the use of special high-density insulation board, coupled with the use of thermal insulation anchoring method to eliminate the thermal short circuit, so that the insulation effect is better. At normal temperature, the temperature of the outer surface of the furnace does not exceed 50 ° C, the power is kept warm for 12 hours, the temperature drop of the furnace is only 150 degrees, and the set temperature can be reached by heating for 30 minutes. 4. The optimal roller design Because the glass is heated and reciprocated on the ceramic roller, the material, surface condition and size of the ceramic roller affect the heating quality of the glass. In the whole tempering process, the quality of the ceramic roller has an important influence. Therefore, we use imported high-precision silicon ceramic roller, which has fine workmanship, high surface processing precision, strong bending resistance and large payload. Therefore, heating defects are more less.

The main use of glass tempering furnace:

The glass tempering furnace obtains a high-performance index glass when the ordinary flat glass is heated to a temperature close to the melting point of the glass, and then rapidly cooled to generate stress on the ordinary glass surface. It has high mechanical strength: the bending strength is 4 to 5 times that of ordinary glass of the same thickness, and the resistance to temperature change is 3 times that of ordinary float glass of the same thickness. The deflection is 3 to 4 times larger than that of ordinary glass, and it is tiny particles after being broken, which can avoid harm to humans. Tempered glass application: Flat tempered glass is mainly used for building doors and windows, building glass curtain wall, various types of thermal furnace kiln door observation window, other places where safety and temperature change are particularly needed, and can be used as insulating glass and laminated glass. Original film.

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