Mu Lu Mu new interpretation of the fashion lace trend

April 17, 2021

Lace this very feminine fabric, from spring to summer across the fall and winter, are popular fashion keywords. It has a hollow detail, not only outstanding performance in the clothing, also inspired in the process of design a see-through aesthetic effect. Become the most essential autumn fashion element.

In all important stages of a woman's life, Lace is playing an important role, an elegant lace clothing, but also women's favorite pet goods. This season Mu silk autumn lace topped the mainstream fashion fabrics, in the coat, coat and within the ride, can see this lace loving tenderness, a woman's new favorite.

Lace and sexy paintings on the equal sign, Mu Bian autumn interpretation of fashion lace style, but take the retro elegant route, the inside of the ride directly to the color substrate. Penetration in the details of lace carving, the skin looming, lace lines like a tattoo on a woman's skin, the visual if the shadow Ruoyouruowu sexy cut points.

The venerable style of the silk-and-silk company embodies Baroque and Rococo's artistic style in all kinds of exquisite details. Lace revival of the Rococo art style, it has become a symbol of the pursuit of Mu Bian brand design, each season has been innovative use of clothing.

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