[Good News] Shibei Si SHIBEIMI four new stores at the same time add new members

October 19, 2021


The hot summer passed, the cool early autumn comes, autumn leaves a bit lonely feeling of lonesome, but still can not withstand the Shiibei honey SHIBEIM brand women's boom. Now Shibei Chongqing Dazu shop, Fujian Zhang sixth branch, New Century Department Store and Moore department store, four new stores a strong grand opening, where we also congratulate poetry Beibei opened, the business booming!

【喜讯】诗蓓蜜SHIBEIMI四家新店齐开 同时又添新成员

【喜讯】诗蓓蜜SHIBEIMI四家新店齐开 同时又添新成员

In addition, Shi Bei Mi SHIBEIMI brand today has added two new members, Shi Bei honey team thanks to the total Xingtai Zhao Hebei and Chen sister poem honey brand support, growing poem Bei Mi will be more high-quality products and More perfect service to give back to every supporter, let us join forces to create new glories.

Poetry Beauties Women Whether it is before the sweet light MILF Fan women or now the new autumn and winter fashion women are unique design and style for more consumers, of course, there is a strong poetry Beijia affiliate support, Help each franchisee to win wealth, if you also want to join the women's brand , then poem honey you not to be missed!

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