Chest breasts stand the test of time recipe - underwear replacement

October 20, 2021

Women personal clothing, sloppy, not good to wear will threaten women's health. These little underwear you have to tell you, under normal use (the right to wash - hand wash or machine wash bag), the average life expectancy of underwear for six months to one year, an ordinary underwear, life expectancy is only 1.5 ~ 3 months. Quickly under the control of their own wardrobe, underwear is not need to be replaced?


Underwear due to personal hygiene considerations, it is recommended to prepare plain traceless underwear 2-3 pieces. This plain white underwear, so you can mix and match freely, eliminating the worries. Chest there is a layer of transparent lace wrapped chest design, so that women's temptation tempted. Simple white but not simple style, dress more at ease.


Underwear replacement, so that a woman's chest can stand the test of time. Shoulong effect of underwear to help you easily retrieve a woman's self-confidence. This pink underwear, the perfect collection of excess fat around the breast, to help you create a proud bust, coupled with exquisite lace hook flower, women's sweet and elegant taste exudes most vividly. (Source: Colorful Beauty )

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