[Common textile manual] washing towel

October 18, 2021

Made from pure viscose fiber, it is made from plain weave. The warp and weft yarns were all made of 29.5 tex (20 pieces), and the warp and weft density was 63 roots/10 cm X 51 roots/10 cm or more. Because the structure of the fabric is sparse and soft, sizing is required after weaving to maintain the flatness of the fabric, and then the multilayer fabric is finished by sewing. The product was invented by the Japanese in the 1960s and 1970s. It was introduced to China in the 1980s and was produced and promoted in China in the 1990s.
Washing towels are ideal for cleaning textiles. Their greatest feature is that they do not require detergent to remove oil and meet environmental requirements. Due to the characteristics of its raw materials, it has good softness and water absorption when used. It also has the characteristics of easy cleaning and mildew. It is suitable for the cleaning of tableware furniture and skin, and also avoids the long-term use of washing. Agent and bring pollution to the environment. In order to improve the grade of the product, according to the customer's needs, additional printing or antibacterial process may be added to the original process of the cleaning towel, thereby forming a more abundant series of products.

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