Beauty sexy underwear for the 2012 beautiful plus points

June 18, 2019

Dongguan City sporty dress limited company established in 2004. Is a research and development, design , operation in one of the underwear operators in the "based in Dongguan, serving the whole country," under the guidance of the development strategy, the company's brand beauty "always adhere to the chain monopoly market layout, direct sales flagship stores and franchise stores In full swing, and in the country has a high reputation and reputation. At present, the company has mining and distribution division, warehouse department, logistics department, engineering department, information department, marketing department, operation department, finance department, planning and promotion department, Human Resources Department and after-sales service department. Market sales and management team of more than 200 people.


动感丽人精品内衣 为2012年的美丽加分

Dynamic Beauty has been adhering to: "dedicated to hundreds of millions of women to provide healthy, comfortable, affordable underwear" responsibility. Always stand in the forefront of the market, "high-quality, low-cost" service to consumers in general. Differentiated product positioning, a sound product system, excellent product quality, stylish style, strong price advantage, flexible and rapid market response, interpretation and dissemination of popular underwear culture, the creation of "beauty flowers" and "expensive IELTS "and so popular among consumers in the series of brands.

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