What is the jade carving bat, suitable for anyone to wear?

November 28, 2021


One of the most feared animals at home was the bat, because it always came out at night, and it was like a black whirlwind. This mystery was unpredictable. But since I knew that bats can prey on pests, they are no longer afraid. In their young hearts, they have been regarded as friends of our humanity. It has only been discovered until now that its beauty has been accepted by the public, such as jade, Hetian jade, and other jade ornaments, bat ornaments are favored. So why are bats so popular? Bats actually have a very rich cultural meaning.

Meaning 1: a blessing, good luck

The bats in the bats are homophonic with the "Fu", which means adding blessings to those wearing jade bats. Usually jade bat ornaments will be combined with other themes, such as combining a bat with Shou Tao, which means that Fushou Shuangquan; combining bats with the waves, meaning Fu as the East China Sea; bats and copper coins, meaning blessings in front of you. Of course, there are many other meanings like this combined with other themes. In short, the jade bats mean the whole blessing and good luck.

Meaning 2: Double happiness

If the two bats are carved on the jade, it represents the blessing of two copies. Like some people who are always worried that their lives are thin and shallow, then wearing jade with two bats can be doubled and blessed, giving the soul a great comfort. If you combine two bat ornaments with two boy turtles, it means that happiness and life are not separated, and you have a double happiness.

Meaning three: five blessings, rich world

There are many styles of jade bats, including the shape of five bats. They appear in different postures, representing the five blessings of wealth, health, virtue, longevity, and good end, so that the wearer can bring wealth and wealth, and there is no limit to Hongfu.


Jade bat suitable for wearing people

1. Men wearing jade bats can bring wealth and status, which is conducive to smooth business.

2, women wearing jade bats, can meet the wishes of the child and the smooth work and life.

3, children wearing jade bats, can protect peace and health, smarter and blessed.

4, the elderly wearing jade bats, can wish more blessings and more life, bring endless blessings.

5, the patient wearing jade bats, can be conducive to physical and mental health, and recover soon.


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