I heard that snow men to continue in the winter there are type?

November 28, 2021

In the next 10 days, the cold air will burst southwards. In addition to some areas in the north, the lowest temperature will break -10 degrees and the 0 degree line will push south to the north of Jiangnan. The north will welcome snowfall. Beijing from today, snowfall for 4 days, especially on weekends, or welcome Blizzard! The coldest second half of the arrival, and this is just in November, your strongest equipment is ready yet, did not quickly buy! What are you equipped? Shirts, sweaters, coats ... ... not only to be equipped, have to wear to wear enough to withstand cold ah! But how can a non-living creature only be willing to wrap himself into a bear? ! Winter dress the most skill! Layer after layer, how to wear it both warm and type? Different materials of different colors, how to harmonize? Look at the following with the hope that this program will bring you inspiration. Men's skills get to it! Even if it is wrapped in three layers of winter outside, but also wrapped fashion stylish!

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